Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life is Short

Life is short, there's no way around that. Wither it's 17 years, or 70, it's just a blink in light of eternity. So what are we living for? Last night I finished a life-changing book from Heather about Ernie Storey, a life-long missionary in Tenewek, Kenya. It was amazing the impact that one man had on so many people's eternity. Without going into detail (you should probably just read the book if you want to change your life, Miracle at Tenewek), this book really got me thinking about the legacy that I'm going to leave, and the impact I'm going to have on eternity. Combined with the fact that yesterday one of our volleyball players was killed in a car accident, it really hit home that you don't know when your last moments will be. I want to impact as many people as possible for what am I doing? Not much, that's for sure. How many times did I have an opportunity to witness to her? Many. Did I? No. That hurts.

I am still trying to get all my thoughts and reactions together, but I do know this. I want to make an impact on this am I going to do that?

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Heather said...

I've been thinking about your post a lot... trying to remember how short life is and making every moment count. So thank you.

I need to read Tenwek again. When I read it, I didn't even know we were going there!