Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Restful Weekend...

We had a very relaxing weekend at the coast this past weekend. It was so nice to get away from my computer, no e-mails to respond to, no house to clean, just being lazy with friends and our family! We stayed in a beautiful home that worked out great for two families. There was lots of space for the kids to run around indoors (since it rained…or rather poured all weekend long). We put all the kids in one room, but each of the closets was as big as another room, so we stuck a few in closets too;) One of them even have a king sized mattress in it that the boys used as their wrestling room! It was really nice to have such a big space with not a lot of "stuff" so the kids could go in any room and play and we didn't have to worry about them ruining anything. There was lots of room for hide-and-seek for all the kids in just our master bed/bath/closet…it kept them entertained for ever! I didn't really get any fabulous pictures…except of course for the beautiful shots of my friend, Sarah!

This is most of the house, I didn't want to scoot back any more since it was pouring out!
Kai Kai…just like Jakey when he was younger….love that boy!
Love my Jakey boy too:)
I had to put in this picture of Noah…he looks like he had a rough night!
Beautiful Sarah and Kadin
Sarah and Kai
Scott and Sarah

I love these boys!

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