Thursday, September 2, 2010

My goof-balls

Sorry I haven't been a faithful blogger lately, but I'll get back into it. Here is my goofy Noah, he was trying to be funny and came into my room with his pants hiked up high like Papa! Just kidding dad, I love you, even if we do have to tell you to pull your pants down a little;) I love that he knew he was being funny, and is doing more and more things like that! Everything about this picture with the swords reminds me of Ryan Holland! The way he's standing, a boy without a shirt on, and the playing with swords:)
What a nutty boy!

Here's a video of the boys dancing the other night. About 1/2 way through they start hitting eachother, and then Noah says, "I don't want to play that." Like it's a game. Oh boys. Love them! (For some reason it's huge, so you have to click on it a few times until it opens in a new window...sorry!) Now off to what could be our last day at the pool for the summer!

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Diane said...

Cute. I think Jake's diaper was about to explode. LOL!