Monday, September 6, 2010

The Dump

Noah had a friend over the other day to play. We swam, but before we left, the boys were busy at work with something. I was getting ready, so just let them play. Then when they called me in to see their special "project," I got to see the dump that they created! I will give them credit, it was kind of cute. They put the toys in a dump truck, drove it to Jakey's crib, dumped it in there, then put it in my laundry hamper, and then dumped that into the "dump" they created on the floor. Gotta love a little hard work!

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Pauline said...

I know I rarely leave a comment, I've been quite busy lately and look and run. But I do so enjoy your blog. Those beautiful, natural, healthy children always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing them!