Monday, September 20, 2010


Babysitting Maddie while her mommy hit the gym:) She didn't really get any attention...

This sweet, beautiful girl is on the potential list of girls Noah is allowed to marry. There are 3-4 girls on this list, but she is SUCH a sweet girl and Noah loves her so much! It's actually quite funny how much he loves her. He ALWAYS wants to hold her when we are together, and then when he does, he asks everyone to go away. He likes to be alone with her...oh boy, what am I going to do when my boys get older?

He talks so sweetly in a little high voice and says, "Hi Maddie girl, hi sweetie heart!" and is always trying to make her smile. I love seeing this side of him, and NO, we are not having any more babies of our own.

I LOVe her face here, she looks so upset with Noah already!

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