Monday, August 23, 2010

The Creek!

Today my boys joined the club of kids that I've taken hunting for crawdads in the creek. Growing up I did a lot of babysitting, and that was always one of our favorite summer activites! We tried last year, but Jakey was too small. He's the perfect age now! There's a creek right behind our house, so we went there. It's quite a climb to get down there...I think I'll find a different place next time. My boys, ok, Jakey, who is not scared of anything was a little freaked out, and by myself, it was a chore getting them up and down the steep incline. But we did it, and it was worth it! We saw lots of different creatures out there: snakes, butterflies, grasshoppers, dead birds, lots of bugs, and different creatures in the creek.

We started out picking blackberries, one of the boys favorite activities these days.

Then we moved on to throwing rocks and playing in the creek.
We went right after they gym, hence the way I look...
We were trying to get a picture using our timer...didn't get anything great, but that's ok!
And we ended up catching two crawdads and some snails! We took them home to show Nana and Papa and Dad, and then the boys are walking back to a different creek to put them back. But it sure has been fun watching them today! I love making memories with my boys:)

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