Monday, August 2, 2010

Baseball Buddies...

Here are my little studs playing baseball with some of our new friends, the Millers! It's been awesome finding some friends where our kids click so well, and Andrew enjoys hanging out so much with Scott, and of course I love hanging out with Sarah!
Here's the two Jakey's being pulled around at a bbq a few weeks ago, how weird is it that both of our Jacobs are called Jakey, and both of them have the same middle name, Thomas! Weird.
Jakey taking his turn, with Noah, Kai and I in the background after we played volleyball.
On the drive over...
Stud. Need I say more?

We've been playing lots of baseball with them, getting in lots of practice! Lots of swimming, running around, volleyball, eating, and laughs! We're blessed to have so many great friends to spend our summer with!

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