Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting ready for Tebow

Andrew works for Nike. One of the cool perks of working for them is you get to meet different athletes that train and visit there! Andrew loves Tim Tebow, and I think respects him a lot. Nike signed him recently, so Tim Tebow came out for his first visit. When Nike has an athlete out for the first time, they make a big deal about it. They had posters made, t-shirts for people to wear, even put those vinyl stickers up on the wall just for him. Andrew works at the fitness centers, so he was part of getting everything just right for him;)

Tebow asked as part of his visit to be able to spend some time throwing. So they needed people to catch...ANDREW!!! So he spent 45 minutes talking and catching for Tim Tebow! He was so excited all week getting ready for him, he even went to the park to practice. ;)

So on Wednesday, we went with some friends to the Sellwood farmer's market where we bought some strawberries and herbs to plant. (which are now destroyed from my boys....grrrr) Then we went over to a park and our friend, Ben, threw to him for quite a while. Here is Andrew showing off his moves!

The boys and I played on the play structure for a while, and then we went over and the boys played with them too.

Jakey spends about 1/2 of his time on the ground...he still falls quite a bit, his poor little knees and elbows...

Look at that sexy stud...go show Tebow what you've got!

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