Friday, May 14, 2010

Eating Local...

We recently watched Food, Inc. I feel like it was an eye-opening experience. One thing that stuck out to me was that every item you buy is really a vote you are sending to companies that you are supporting that product and all that goes into it. I have some good books to read, and still much to learn, but really want to try and be intentional about eating fresh, local foods. This is pretty easy in the summer, so what a good time to start! I'm looking forward to picking berries a lot with the kids to always have a fresh supply on hand, but also to freeze some for smoothies all year! My boys eat a lot of fruit, so I know they'll love going out and picking again this year...we eat more then we put in our bucket...but that's 1/2 the fun, right? ;) Tell me I'm not the only one...

It's not just about eating healthy food, because about 75% of the time, we do. But what goes into those "healthy" foods, what practices were used to raise and harvest them? Is it something I want to support?

I want to buy some grass-fed beef from someone around here, and maybe even a pig too. Obviously, not a WHOLE pig or cow, can you imagine? But I don't have a big I'm going to have to be creative...any ideas?

This is kind of a random post, but just putting out some thoughts. I feel overwhelmed by this problem and the state of Americans and our food...and know I can't change everything, but I want to try and help my family to be the healthiest they can be, and to also support people who deserve it!

What about you? Are you doing things to live locally? Share some of your tips/links/ideas, I'd love to hear!


Nicole said...

I am 100% on board with you. My goal starting June 1st thru August 31st, is to try and buy all my food within a 200 mile radius of my house. Should be a fun challenge. Do you want to help me out. I also want to see if mom and dad would let us store a freezer in there garage now (I might even have room in my garage depending on the size we get, I can do a little re-arranging I think, I will know more after memorial day weekend, as I plan to do a little garage cleaning on my stuff). So I can start buying my 1/4 grass-fed cow now. I saw a few cow ads on craigslist that are selling them in newberg. I totally like the fresh fruit idea, esp with how much I eat. Too bad we didnt do the garden this year.

Diane said...

Hey girls. :)
I'm also with you. I did not watch the movie but heard all about it.
Randy has planted a huge garden for us this year, I'm so excited. I will also be shopping the farmers markets. We used to have cows. Ours were grain feed. They did it the grass in the pasture but the grain makes the meat so yummy. We were given some meat a while back that was grass fed only. I would not eat, yuck! I guess I'm cow snob. LOL!