Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Been thinking about foster care again, I feel as though it's been put on my heart again. I talk to people, hear stories, read blogs, and really feel like our family could make a difference. So for now, just praying about a possible class starting in March and going for four weeks, will you pray with us?

Over the break, Hannah and I got some chances to have some good conversations on some runs. One of those was about God and listening to Him in our lives. She had a me out Hannah? It was about waiting on the Lord. But what does that mean? Do we wait for Him to drop something in our lap, or do we actively wait, making opportunities open up and then wait for His leading? What is really God's voice, and what is our own that we are trying to make God's voice. Being home with the boys now so much, I really feel like I have an opportunity to have a family ministry and impact and change lives for Christ together as a family. What is Your will, Lord?


Haddock said...

Lovely pictures.

Diane said...

I will hold you in prayer about fostering. I have a friend who was a foster parent. Although I think she did it for the wrong reasons and was not real nice to her kids, I got very attached to one little girl that she had. Alexis was so sweet and just wanted to be loved.
My girls and I spent lots of time with her, took her many places and gave her lots of hugs. She has been adopted. :) I miss her terribly!! But I'm so happy that she has parents who really love her. I have thought about fostering since meeting Alexis but some kids have so many issues that need special attention. I don't think I can give that and care for my own kids too. Maybe some day.

Hannah said...

Psalm 27:13-14

I think we trust that He will bring discernment of His voice and leading if we ask for it. Remember the ways He is able to speak are limitless and we have His Spirit to help us navigate all other competing voices. He is not in the business of trying to conceal His will, plans, thoughts, or desires for your family...He wants you to be in sync with Him. He will make it known if we are seeking it.

Perhaps easier said than done? :)

Love ya.

Dawnelle said...

If he wants you to, it will all fall into place. Good to take the classes, you'll learn quite a bit and maybe they'll even help you decide if the time is right.
What ages are you thinking?

Nadia said...

we want to do babies, something younger then jakey...and he's almost 2.