Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Children's Museum

Andrew had his first paid day off Monday, so we went out to the Children's Museum. It's a fun place where kids can just be kids. We enjoyed the time together as a family, and they boys had a great time exploring and playing. The water was a highlight as always. It's so fun to see how Jakey is getting older and listening a little more...just a little though. It's hard to believe that Jakey is exactly the same age that Noah was when he was born...crazy! Noah seemed older, but I think we have just forgotten.

I didn't get any great pictures, in fact, I gave up after two rooms and just enjoyed the time. This picture of the boys is so funny because it shows them perfectly. Jakey is wet and crazy, and Noah is playing calmly...but I love them both. It's fun to see their personalities come out more, I'm loving it.

Noah had a friend from preschool and his mom and brother over today. We made pizzas and had cookies...a special day. It was fun getting to chat with his mom, she is a child advocate, so we talked a lot about fostering. This little boy is so sweet to Noah, they are both pretty shy, and I think each other's only friend at school.

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Anonymous said...

The boys look about 5 years older from when I last saw them. How is that?