Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To Do...

On my to do list for today?

-6 loads of laundry…give or take done
-towels & sheets
-load dishwasher
-my special pile of junk where I throw over a months worth of papers, etc to go through…
-make beds with new sheets
-tubs…I'm thinking about saving these for my hubby! I hate tubs!
-clean off dressers
-pick up floors…all but the playroom which I'm saving for the boys!

So far all I've accomplished today is playing every game we own with the boys, breakfast, hair, make-up, real clothes on, and tidying-up the front room. I'll bold things as I get them done…that will be motivating! What's on your to-do list for today?

Yay! I'm basically done and I love the feeling! I love having a small place I can clean in a few hours and have it be clean for a while! I'm not the kind to do one thing every day, I would rather clean it all and then just keep things picked up as we go…wish that happened more, it does seem like we let things get too messy and then we get stressed out! Here's to being done for the day! Now off to cross-fit & Zumba...

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