Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spiderman Comes to Visit...

It's no secret Noah loves Spiderman. We decided to buy Andrew a costume and have Spidey come visit Noah on his birthday. He was thrilled, but was a little nervous as you can tell from the pictures. He REALLY thought that it was the real Spidey, where Jakey on the other hand knew it was just Dad. After Spidey came to visit, he came back to take Noah to Divine for some frozen yogurt, what a special time for Noah! And what a great dad to go out in public like that!

On our way home when Noah was telling Andrew about it, he said, "Dad, guess what? You have the same voice as Spiderman! That's so special!" He totally didn't connect that it WAS dad! Jakey told Andrew he wanted him to go put on his Spidey suit again and come play….maybe it's because Noah wants it so badly to be Spiderman he doesn't want to connect it? Whatever it was, Noah was thrilled and it was SUCH a special time for him. Happy Birthday Noah!

Here is the link to the video of him coming;)

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