Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not quite as planned...

We tried to go out to Sauvie's Island to do the big corn maze...we checked the weather, packed our rain gear and boots, and hoped for the best. As we were driving he had hope that the weather would hold off for us. A little blue sky, and light clouds. Then we pulled in. And it started pouring. So, we bundled up with good attitudes and headed out. It was wet, really muddy, and windy. We saw the animals, went to the farm store, and decided to skip the corn maze and quickly grab a pumpkin on our way out. Oh, and an elephant ear;) So, it wasn't quite the afternoon we had planned, but it was still fun, and full of different memories. I had visions of cute pictures in the corn maze, but we didn't even risk getting our camera out in the pouring rain! Noah was VERY in to carving the pumpkin and had a great time doing it with Dad!

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