Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Pictures...

Here are some random pictures, I've been working this weekend ordering prints, canvases, and filling our wall with frames! It felt so good to wake up this morning to a finished project that we've been planning for a year! Well...almost finished...I have the frames up and all the prints and canvases ordered. The prints are going to be done in an hour and the canvases will be here when we get back from Hawaii. We were going to take our family pictures last year around this time, then kept pushing it back a few months for different reasons...braces, money, weight...but I'm so glad that we waited until our kids are the age that they are at. They'll only get easier every year;)

Our photographer did a FABULOUS job! I am so happy, and would definitely recommend her to anyone in the Portland area. She spent so much time answering a million questions I had before hand, helping us choose different locations, and was so patient with a few grumpy people on picture day, and took just the kind of photo's I wanted! We got almost 200 edited pictures (that's crazy!) for $200! Then I could order any pictures I wanted in every size (we just did Costco because it's so cheap and fast). And can you really put a price on the value of pictures? I love pictures and the memories that they hold, and now we'll have great pictures to remember this time in our lives!

All the pictures are up on my facebook, but there are a lot, it was easier just to upload the whole album then go through and choose some;) I'll post some more another time!

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Pauline said...

What a wonderful collection of photos to treasure. And glad it was a good experience. It can be difficult keeping children happy and laughing (and staying where you want them). Love that last shot of the little fella running!