Saturday, June 19, 2010

Strawberry Time!

We went with Auntie Hannah and Auntie Cole Friday to pick strawberries! It turned out to be a beautiful day! We picked about 33 pounds of juicy berries. Noah did surprisingly amazing. He picked two of our containers full, and he had the brilliant idea to pick off the stems as he picked. His berries were the easiest to rinse and make into jam, or freeze. Next time we're all doing that!

Nicole came over to our house and helped get them all ready and frozen. Without her help, they would be on my counter still, so thanks Nicole! So now we have jam for the year, and are working on our supply of frozen strawberries for smoothies and yogurt for the year!

Auntie Hannah!
Walking down to the fields...
Auntie Cole!
Picking berries with my helper!
Juggling it all...story of my life:)

Look at all of those berries...he actually was a help!

This boy on the other-hand was not much of a help...

Look at that weather! I love doing things like these with my sisters and boys. While we were out there picking Noah asked, "Mom, why did God make strawberries?"


Amy said...

What a gorgeous day!! You are amazing to pick strawberries--all that bending down! I just made jam too, but I wasn't that ambitious to pick my own berries... Are you going to pick blueberries too later this summer?

Diane said...

Your such a good mom. :) Picking strawberries on a sunny day...pefect!