Thursday, June 24, 2010

Noah's 4th Birthday Party

We had Noah's birthday party last night. It was so fun to get some friends together and celebrate Noah! He's such a sweet boy, can still be a stinker, but is really growing up! Noah is very into coloring, recognizes most of his letters and sounds, is starting to write letters other then those in his name, can count to 20 most of the time, plays any kind of sport, loves the yankees, cheers for whatever team Andrew is going for, looks up to his daddy, doesn't stop moving except to read a book, does flips of our couch and on the trampoline non-stop, loves Nike (we've already brainwashed him), reenacts Toy Story all the time, is a fish in the water, and loves spending time with his friends. We are so blessed to have great friends who like to be a part of these moments in our life.
yummy junk food...
Everyone hanging out in the shade, what a beautiful day we had!
Playing baseball
Not at all excited about his new Buzz...
We don't ever have chips at our house, and we all went a little crazy. Look at that face!
Cupcake time! Noah made them with Nana, what a help!
Demoing the water balloon toss...
I love all of my friends, what a group of helpful, giving people!
Blowing out the candles!
Cleaning up after the free-for-all. It only took a minute, I couldn't believe how fast it went! Everyone helped out, thanks!
Water balloon toss turned into everyone gang up on Andrew...
What's a party without a few tears? He got hit squared in the chest and got soaked. He didn't like that. But he got over it.
Playing with the birthday boy!
Hoping to catch it!
Me and the birthday boy heading home!
Nana and Papa

At the end of the day, this is who I go home with. There's no other way I'd rather it be! Happy 4th Birthday, Noah!


Heather said...

Looks like it was a great time! Sorry we couldn't be there! Give Noah a birthday hug - or slug - from Bode :-)

Dad said...

Nice photos. Who's your awesome photographer? Amazing! . . . Oh, I am so embarrassed. I just remembered it was me.

Nadia said...

hahaha, Dad, you are so funny. And Heather, we'll get together to celebrate both birthdays when you get home, we missed you guys! Although, blowing up enough water balloons for another 7 kids I didn't ya:)

Jessie said...

Wow you guys have such a beautiful family! I'm so happy for you and Andrew!!!