Thursday, March 11, 2010


My boys play rough. That's all there is to it. I have made it almost 4 years without getting a single hole in the boys jeans, unless if they were there by design, something my mom LOVED growing up. Paying for jeans with holes in them...but it's different. And now, all of a sudden, in the past month or so, the boys have ripped through 7 pairs of pants! Here are the clean ones I could find...there are a few more in the wash still. These aren't just jeans from target...these are Guess, Gap, Quicksilver, Pumpkin Patch, Nordstrom, Levi's, and Polo jeans! In fact, the only jeans they have left that don't have holes in them are Janie and Jack, which really surprises me because they are thinner then all the other jeans. But really, who can afford a bunch of their jeans? They each have a pair of those, and then Jakey has a cheap pair from Old Navy, and Noah has a cheap pair from Children's Place....what do I do? Do I spend money on nicer jeans only to have them get holes? Or do I buy cheaper jeans that aren't as cute that might last longer?

So, where do you buy jeans for your kids? Does anyone else have this problem? Am I alone out there? :)

Noah wanted me to take this picture of this card he made for my birthday with our babysitter. He hasn't let me keep it since he made it because he loves it so much:)


Nancy Hopkins said...

I went into this store in the mall on the bottom called Crazy8 with Sandra. She had never been there.
We scored some AWESOME deals for Griffy and they have some really cute stuff. We even found some stuff with guitars on it... he calls it his rock band clothes and wore them for 3 days strait before Sandra could get them out and was them. SOOO Cute! Check them out. They also had a TUN of clearance!

Serena Coles said...

Tyson wears through his jeans ALL the time!! We have bought all sorts of jeans and the more expensive jeans do last longer, but they still wear through. So, we have started buying jeans from Old Navy when we can get them on sale.