Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well it's no secret around here...I've lost my couponing virginity. I've read a lot before, and thought it would be great to try...but I just haven't! Thanks to the help of lots of different websites like The Krazy Coupon Lady, I've joined with the other money saving mom's out there. I am determined about a few things:

1. Not to buy things we don't normally get. (there are so many things out there that are great deals, but either super un-healthy, or medicines we don't need/use, etc.)

2. Not to sacrifice health for saving a buck or two.

3. Not to waste my time running all over town looking to save a few bucks...I'm trying to simplify my life here, not waste more time.

So, there is what I have gotten all for just $10!!! Plus there was a bar of buddies soap that the boys have already started using, so it's not pictured. I have gotten 2 Monopoly Deal's (one of our favorite games that we misplaced), 2 KY yours and mine (that will last us a long time, but is something we normally use!), baby soap & shampoo, bandaids, desitin, and Connect 4. I probably wouldn't have normally bought connect four, but the boys were excited about it. That's a good deal for $10!

I also have found some good deals on diapers, but here is the best because it's on whatever brand you want!

Go to if you are new customer. Get whatever diapers you want totaling $49+. That's how you get free shipping. Then enter this code at checkout (NADI0359) through March 31st to get $10 off. That brings it down to $39. Place your order. Then print it out and go to here for a $14.97 rebate! That brings it down to $25!!! Plus, I get $10 off for each new person's order, and so can you after you sign up, you'll get a referral code for $10 off for you and your friend when they place an order:) It makes it cheaper then Costco. (Don't worry, Costco, I still love you dearly.)

So that's what I've been up to. Oh, and this, a sneak peak at Jakey's birthday invites:


Nancy Hopkins said...

Did you know you can go to Safeway and a lot of store and look at their weekly adds and upload them right onto your store cards. That way you don't even have to clip coupons.
Dave is a freek about the coupons I am sure he would love to chat with you on how you got these great deals. :)

Isaac said...

Thank You Nadia for showing us your ky jelly :) hahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Mak keeps asking for maybe we can play soon!
I can't believe our little kids are almost two!!!


Nadia said...

Hey love my KY jelly, right? :)

We can play any time, next week looks great for us!

Hannah said...

Wow. How about you learn some blogging etiquette....KY??? Seriously?