Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An old lady...

It's official…I'm not an old lady. I'm 25 today. I'm a little sad that I'm 25! That's 1/4 of a century! But I'm also excited for all this year will bring with it. But it's been a great year! When I look at all I've done in my life by age 25, I have a lot to be proud of! So this post will be bragging about some of the things I've accomplished in 25 years. ;)

-I found the love of my life
-graduated Salutatorian from high school (in that order;)
-married the love of my life
-graduated from George Fox with my Elementary Education Degree
-managed to do that while giving birth and raising two beautiful boys
-balanced working with raising a family
-have a successful career and positive reputation in the community
-subbing, being NCVBC's club director, running Clackamas Jr. Volleyball for 4 years, taking over Cavalier Volleyball Camp at age 20, and coaching at the club level for 5 years and the high school freshman for 3 years…and being undefeated:) I manage just over 700 players between them all and over 120 coaches. wow.
-influencing and changing lives with all the youth I've worked with over the last few years
-teaching my boys what's really important in this life
-financially stable
-having such a great support group of friends from church

SO many other things that I have to be thankful for, but it's been amazing to see how the Lord has really provided for us in every season and stage of our lives. We've been through so much in our life already, but have seen how God has provided for us with so many different opportunities because of things he's worked out. I am so thankful for this life that I have, and really excited for the next 25! Here's to growing old with the ones I love.

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