Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Free!

I have gotten into couponing....kind of. I am, but I'm not. I don't really buy food with coupons, because most of what we eat is fruits, veggies, and meat. But I have boughten diapers, and other house-hold items! That picture was from last night, but I went again today and added to that: 2 more packs of diapers, 3 John Frieda shampoo/conditioners, more tampons, more Vitamin D, and some more candy/pencils for the boys (I needed some filler items). So total, I have gotten:
-6 packs of diapers
-11 bottles of vitamin D (I've already given most away)
-3 boxes of tampons
-2 windex
-1 scrubbing bubbles (I know, I know, it's not all natural...but sometimes don't you just want to blast your shower with harmful chemicals?!? Mrs. Meyer's can only take me so far...)
-2 reusable bags
-2 boxes of foil
-3 John Frieda blonde shampoo/conditioners

How much do you think it cost me? Well, it was FREE!!! In fact, I actually made $1 on it all. How is it possible? Leave me a comment and I'll let you know!


Jason and Hannah said...

Ok Nadia... I'm ready to find out your secret!

Nadia said...

ok, Hannah! I'll e-mail you!

Hannah said...

You are kind of awesome. Except that I never saw a bottle of vitamin D and I really want one!

Hannah said...

And the shampoo and conditioner! That is the kind that I use! It's like 8 bucks a pop!

Nadia said...

I e-mailed you, Hannah! It would be perfect for you to do the shampoo! For free! You could get 6-9 for free! Stock up!

Nadia said...

Isn't it addicting, Hannah? Glad you got so much free stuff!

Nancy Hopkins said...

N- missed you this weekend! send me your coupon tips again-
Sorry I didn't get the canvas's done yet I will soon! - N

Amy said...

All right, I want to know how you're doing this!! Let me in on your secret!