Thursday, March 8, 2012

Best Day...

I've had the pleasure of teaching our boys how to ski this season, what a joy it's been to see them succeed and get to share in that memory with them! I don't have time to write much more, but I had several "moments" of such peace on the mountain with them: riding the chairlift and having little conversations in the quiet & nature, watching them independently ski down the mountain, and seeing such joy on their faces at their successes. I can't wait until Andrew can join us next year and skiing becomes what we do on the weekends! I'm glad they've had this experience now this year to where they'll know what they're doing for next year. What an awesome family sport!

Skiing is much more fun with friends!
Papa came with us the second time, what a nice time to have with my Dad!
We seriously had the best weather…skied in short sleeves the whole day! Made quite the fashion statement too…not! I wasn't planning on having to take my jacket off! lol.

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