Friday, December 17, 2010

Just the Beginning...

We love and feel so blessed to be a part of such a fun lifegroup. We've been going to church for a few years, but really got plugged in 3 years ago with an AMAZING group of believers. We blindly signed up for a lifegroup of young marrieds...and got connected with other amazing couples in a similar phase of life. We were the only ones with kids at the beginning, but now there are ten! We went camping with our lifegroup this summer and I made some predictions as far as next summer camping...and so far it's all coming true! LOTS of other kids for our boys to grow up with! We are now up to nine couples, and with all the pregnancies and new babies, we end up with about six couples each week. We couldn't ask for a better collection of personalities, and it's been so amazing to see how God has worked in all our lives. What a blessing a community of believers is in our lives.

Last night was our White Trash Christmas Bash...everyone dressed up in their best white trash outfits, brought white trash food, and exchanged white trash elephant gifts. So funny to see what people came up with. It took our ugly sweater Christmas party up a notch from last year;)

Here is the food...complete with KFC, cheeze whiz, texas caviar, pigs in a blanket, and lots of other yummy...yet trashy foods.
This is Joy...who won best costume...isn't it amazing!?! Complete with beer, cigarette, belly shirt, baby, and perfect outfit. Every detail down to the hair and all is there. The best part...they are new to our group, and she still felt comfortable with us to bear it all! ha ha, I LOVE those types of people in our group!


Heather said...

That is hilarious! I'm sure I'd love her:-) What's the name of your church?

Nadia said...

We go to Abundant Life in Happy's been a great community for us to get plugged in at! And I love that it's right where we live so we have a local church family.

She is a crack up;) Everyone loved the Bibles!

Diane said...

I love it, what a fun idea! Joy did have a great costume, so funny!!!