Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lifegroup Camping 2010

I just realized I never posted pictures from our lifegroup campout! We went to Fort Stevens almost a month ago where we had beautiful weather, great times and lots of bugs. This year it was just our two kids, but next year we could have seven kids! I love that our families are growing up together. It really amazes me how we signed up for a random lifegroup and ended up making such great friends. I guess the Lord knows what we need and blessed us!
Jumping! It felt good just to be a goof and to be the weird ones at the beach jumping off the cliffs. I do have to say that after I talked my friends into jumping with me, everyone else on the beach soon followed suit. ;)
At the fort
The guys who were there the first morning
Part of our lifegroup
oh yeah...
Our family...
Look at Jakey falling down the hill here:)
My boys!


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Nancy Hopkins said...

OMG ... look at the picture of Jakey falling down the hill.... the guy behind him has the perfect pose on and is just smiling for the camera. Poor Jakey! lol